While at IBM, I've worked with IBM Talent, The Weather Company, Analytics Solutions, and IBM Design for Client Services. Due to confidentiality, my ability to share projects may be limited.


Project Trident

How might you integrate a new way of selling into the behaviors of 14,000 IBM employees?

IBM's Global Business Services is introducing Offering Management as a strategic effort to package IBM solutions and capabilities and make them repeatable as they go to market.

Our team was asked to create a better understanding of how IBM sellers might adopt these offerings and present a point of view on how Design Thinking might play a role.



How might you create user centricity around a system created for corporate compliance?

Procurement systems are used by large companies to optimize company purchasing by creating a catalog of preferred products for employees to purchase.

My team was asked to create a more user centric design for a new procurement system powered by IBM Watson. 


Hack Hours

How might you expand your design prototyping skillset?

Hack Hours brings circuit making and Internet of Things experimentation to IBM Studios to promote maker culture and the merging of design and technology. 


User Experience Practices

How might you strategically grow the user experience practice of a diverse team of designers?

For a brand new team, with a brand new mission at IBM, User Experience Practices is an intentional effort to grow the careers of all user experience designers through craft, inspiration, and community.


Masters in Industrial Design

My time at Rhode Island School of Design was the beginning of my fascination with how digital technology shifts fundamental human experiences. Here are a few of my foundational experiments. 


Data About Data

How would you like to record each moment of your life?


How could you form a greater attachment to your phone's physical body?

Skill Circle

How might we enable older adults to adopt new technology?